Work with Children

Many hypnotherapists and hypnopsychotherapists will tell you that they don’t, won’t or can’t work with children. This is up to the individual, obviously…

I have spent the past 30 years working with children with a whole range of issues and backgrounds. This includes several years successfully working in a children’s secure unit – with children who had done bad things to others and with children who had had bad things done to them; children from any and every kind of background and with any and every kind of issue you could imagine (and some you couldn’t, ever, imagine).

When working with these youngsters you develop an understanding as to how important working with children is, rather than how difficult it might be – children suffer from PRECISELY the same kinds of issues that the adults around them do (click here for the statistics) – only being children, they might not always understand, or be able, to seek out the help they, appropriately and, sadly, often desperately, need. Which is why I believe that, in a world that claims to be inclusive, children’s needs need meeting and I am happy to be at their service too.

The same rules of confidentiality and ethics apply to children as to adults (except where I am legally and ethically and morally obliged to report, or refer onwards, issues that come to light that are of an illegal / abusive nature).

Should you wish to refer a child to me, as a parent, biological, foster or corporate; or as a senior member of school staff, ┬áplease remember I cannot work with a child who doesn’t WANT to be worked with. To attempt to do so is, in my opinion, tantamount to abuse, and will probably end up a waste of your money too.

I offer help and support across the same areas as I do for adults – AND I can, do and have worked in schools with groups of children where a need exists; for example where students are struggling with pre-exam nerves and such like.