For almost thirty years I was an advisory teacher working with children, their parents and carers, teachers and anyone else who would listen, around managing behaviour confidently, calmly and and in ways, I believe, that allowed for everyone’s best hopes being met.

What best hopes? The first, second, third, or even the umpteenth time we meet, I am likely to ask ‘What are your best hopes for meeting with me today?’

I don’t know what you’re hoping for… how can I?

I do know, however, that what you focus on, is what you get more of …

As an extension of my work as a Hypnotherapist,  I am pleased to be able to offer support to parents who would like to be more successful in helping their child / children succeed as members of the household.

This way, your child / children can play  a more effective role within the family group.

I am able to offer you support from simple advice on behaviour management to meeting more complex needs.

As someone with a background in the special needs field I can also offer parents support with a child / children who have particular special needs or parents who need support themselves in advocating for and on behalf of their children at school, for instance.

Please call me, if any of this applies to you. I am here to help