Hypnosis & Coaching

Hypnosis is commonly used as a therapeutic tool.

In the hands of a skilled practitioner it CAN help you to overcome a vast range of fears and phobias and is the tool of choice for those who seek alternative approaches to chemicals (DRUG Therapies), in changing lives to what you want, rather than what you’re given:  as a result of lifestyle choice, health and welfare issues etc.

Did you know, or could you guess, that hypnosis can also be used to enhance personal effectiveness – personal coaching without the sweat (although that’s fine, if that’s what you want, obviously)?

The power of the mind to help YOU become the best you possible.

I am, and have been, a solution-focused practitioner for a number of years (Full Member of the United Kingdom Association of Solution Focus Practice).

One of the great factors regarding the solution focus approach is its utility in personal effectiveness. Being the best you possible, is very definitely possible, and eminently doable with the right help and support.


In solution focus we firmly believe that  ‘what you focus on, is what you get more of …’ so, if you believe that you can do something – the aim of successful coaching – you WILL achieve your goal.

If you add hypnosis to the mix, you will be helped to visualise – see yourself – becoming, being and, I firmly believe, remaining successful.

As a solution focus practitioner I am aware that ‘doing more of what is helpful to me …’ is useful; that ‘doing something different where I am doing unhelpful stuff’  is useful to me. AND learning to tell the difference is the key …

So, how can I do more of what I’m already doing – the good stuff?

How can I stop doing what isn’t so good – the not so good stuff?

How can I tell the difference, between helpful and unhelpful?


ASK for MY help … whether you want to enhance your personal effectiveness in developing a business, in your particular sporting area, in learning new skills, or whatever area you think coaching might help, I am certain I can help.