For All – My Fees

The reason I use the rider ‘for everyone’ in the name of my practice is simple.

I firmly believe that no-one should ever be excluded from receiving help with – please excuse the term – “mental health” – issues because of their situation.

A single parent; a waged person on a low wage; an unemployed person; a retired person, or a student, all of whom will probably be on a restricted income,  have the same right to expect help and support for whatever is bothering them, psychologically, as someone with a large, disposable income does.

For this reason I operate a sliding scale of fees: I will ask you to contribute what is manageable to you according to your circumstances … 

My hourly rate for someone with the resources to manage my fee is £50 per hour; however, I seldom (almost never) charge this rate; whatever you pay includes travelling time, fuel and mileage, because I work – in the main-  peripatetically (I will travel to you, as long as we have a guaranteed, quiet, undisturbed space to work in; no dogs, children or phones going off, please).

I am unable to offer a ‘no-fee’ scale. Sadly I have unavoidable on-costs of my own – some of which are:-

  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Professional Membership Fees
  • Supervisor Fees
  • Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Advertising
  • Etcetera

and none of which I can avoid.

Why mention this now – so that you know that you and I can have a conversation about my fees that will not preclude you from getting the help you need.

There are no hidden costs in working with me, only gains, I believe.

For your benefit and for security, it is possible for you pay your fees by Paypal, just click on the link below.

Ring or email me and I will always discuss what I can do, and how I can help; we will sort something out, I promise.


Fees for Institutions

Will vary as they are dependent upon the work being done. Please ring me or email.

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