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and thank you for visiting the website of Paul Avard, Open Mind Therapy,

I am very aware that people are very busy these days and don’t want to spend time unnecessarily looking for things, so there are a couple of ways of getting quickly to where you want to be – navigate across the top or use the side bar on the right of the page.

Make no mistake, if it’s help what you want,  I ought to be able to help you get to where you want to be from here.

If not, I ought to go and do something else for a living.

AND… there are no testimonials on this site because they are a breach of confidentiality and client trust, in my, and doubtless others’, opinion. Sorry

If you know what the CHANGES in your life are that you WANT to ACHIEVE – read on … AND if you’re unsure about the CHANGES you WANT to ACHIEVE – read on anyway.  You have nothing to lose, either way.

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I am fully and recently DBS checked and hold enhanced registration for working with Children and Vulnerable Adults.

Please note, I cannot be held responsible for the contents of any site linked to from this site. It is highly recommended that you protect yourself by use of an effective anti-virus program, such as AVG  from intrusion by viruses from hijacked sites and other sources.